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Copier FAQs

Can these Copiers: Print, Fax, Scan, Copy?

Yes, all of our copiers have the ability to:

  • Copy: At the specified speeds listed on the manufacturers specifications and on our website specifications.
  • Print: At the specified speeds listed on the manufacturers specifications and available on our website.
  • Scan: Scanning is available on all devices options include, scan to email, folder or server on all of our machines.
  • Faxing: Need Faxing? Select faxing option on all of our machines should you require, it is available.

If I choose the wrong machine or need features which the machine I have chosen does not have, can I change the machine?

Yes, we offer a 7 day swop out policy, we do however believe that our expert team of online assistants will be able to guide you to the correct decision, for peace of mind we will offer you a comprehensive swop out policy for any machine. With a corresponding adjustment to the price.

How is my copier delivered?

United Copiers delivers and installs via our service division fleet throughout South Africa. Our technical teams deliver your units via our delivery vans, these are followed by our copier technicians who perform the installation and setup of the unit at your premises.

What does the installation entail, what do I need to provide?

Our installation process includes everything needed to get the MFP photocopier running within your organisation.

Installations Includes:

  • Moving the machine into the correct location within your premises
  • Installing the unit on your local area network. (Computer network)
  • Adding users and their computers to the machine, allowing all users access to the MFP Copiers functionality. (Max of 25 Users, additional users over 25 users will be billed at R150 Per User unless waivered by United Copiers)
  • Training and demonstrating features of copiers to users at the premises.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving any installation snags before signing off delivery.

Customer to provide:

  • Installed and working computer network points
  • A safe and accessible installation location
  • Access to all employees computers to be added to copier.

How does your swop out policy work? What are the risks?

Our swop out policy is simple and quick, the way we try to keep all interactions with United Copiers. Within 7 days of installation (Including weekends) should the unit not meet the required needs of your organisation we will swop the unit out with another new unit, agreed upon between yourselves and our expert consultants.

Our goal is to getting you printing as desired, quickly, efficiently and at the desired price.

If its not right we will fix it!

In terms of risks we have tried to design the process to have none. We stock a comprehensive range of the leading copier manufacturers from around the world’s, there is no print environment we cannot service.

Contact us here for a list of references in your area.

What are my purchase payment options?

We offer 3 payment options,

  • EFT payment
  • Credit Card payment
  • Rental Finance

EFT Payments: Upon completion of the purchasing process a Pro Forma invoice will be sent to your email address. All payment details will be attached and once payment has been made and has cleared in our accounts, delivery will take place

 Credit Card Payments: Upon completion of the purchasing process a you will be prompted to enter your card details into our secure online payment portal. Your card will be charged for the purchase price and upon clearance of the payment delivery will take place.

Rental Finance: Upon completion of the purchasing process an email will be sent to you confirming your option to enter into the rental of a photocopier. You will be prompted to submit the required supporting documents for the credit vetting process. Once these have been received the credit application process will begin, this takes no longer than 48 hours.

Upon approval, you will be contacted via one of our customer consultants and a date for delivery of the unit will be arranged.

Do you offer service level agreements?

Service level agreements are standard with ALL of our copier products. After installation the service level agreement will be implemented and run on a month to month basis.

What are the advantages to renting a Photocopier?

Financial advantages:

  • Conservation of credit facilities and off balance sheet benefits:
    By renting their IT equipment companies can preserve their operating credit facilities for essential, productive assets, assets that produce productive income for the business . A MFP photocopier is not an income producing investment and therefore should never be considered an asset. By renting your MFP copier you free up valuable financing capacity for other incoming producing investments.
  • Flexibility of Copier Fleet 
    Renting of your business printing requirements allows for far greater flexibility in terms of adding or changing the desired units, should your growth or production requirements change, rentals allow customers
  • Budgeting
    The rental of office equipment allows companies and organisations to carefully budget and absorb large capital expenses over a period of time. Rentals remove the effect of large capital outflows and replace them with smooth monthly payments for a fixed period.